Gene Simmons is most proud of…

Photo by Christopher Carroll Photography

Gene Simmons is most proud of…

KISS co-founder, bassist and singer Gene Simmons was recently interviewed by Team Rock and asked what in life is he the most proud of.

Simmons responded as follows: “You can see it coming… Gene Simmons! I’m most proud of me. Why? I came from nothing. I couldn’t speak a word of your language. When I came to America, one of the first phrases I heard was: “Are you stupid? Can’t you speak English?” Many years later those people wind up working for me.”

Simmons was also asked what are the best and worst things about being himself to which he replied: “Without sounding too cocky – although I’ve certainly been accused of that all my life – there is no negative to being Gene Simmons. You have to look at it relatively: it’s either this or flipping burgers. What’s the English equivalent, frying chips? What’s so bad about being rich and famous? I don’t understand what all the angst is all about. The only people who should have complaints are the unfortunate poor on the planet. But when you hear the ultra-rich saying: “Oh, it’s so lonely at the top,” what a load of shit. If you can’t deal with fame, don’t be famous. I have nothing to complain about.”

In terms of the lowest point in his life, Simmons stated: “I’m blessed because I live in Western culture, so I haven’t had a low point in my life. My mother has. She survived the Nazi German concentration camps of World War II. We have nothing like that. When we have a bad hair day we should all just shut the fuck up and enjoy our three meals a day and having a safe place to sleep.”

You can read the rest of the interview at Team Rock.