Gene Simmons Reveals Song Titles From Upcoming Kiss CD


July 9, 2009

If Kiss fans are fretting that the band’s upcoming eight Canadian shows will pale in comparison to the 60-city megatour planned for this fall — when the band will unveil new outfits and new material — bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons says not to worry.

The band behind “Love Gun” has no shortage of ammunition in store for its quick jaunt north of the border, which begins Friday, the reliably entertaining Simmons told The Canadian Press in a telephone call from his Los Angeles office.

“Kiss always has the same firepower,” Simmons said.

“This is less of a tour and more of a warmup — you know, when you go to the gym and really push it hard and sweat it. “

“No coasting. We’re deadly serious about this.”

The Canadian trek will see the band playing festival stages and arenas in Sarnia, Ont., Orillia, Ont., Windsor, Ont., Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal and Halifax.

But Simmons said the band can adapt its elaborate show to whatever surroundings necessary.

“We’re like the Transformers — with much longer tongues,” he said. “We can get bigger and smaller, so physically we’re able to … set up and do our shows in an arena or stadium.”

The fall will also mark the release of Kiss’s first studio album since 1998’s “Psycho Circus.”

Simmons refused to provide the title for the new record, but otherwise wasn’t coy with details.

He said the new disc will feature track titles including “Russian Roulette,” “Modern Day Delilah,” and “Stand.”

Lead guitarist Tommy Thayer will write and sing his first song on the album, while drummer Eric Singer will also get his first opportunity to sing a lead vocal on an original song.

Simmons also promises there were no outside writers working on the Paul Stanley-produced disc.

And as for the sound of the album?

“No strings, no keyboards, no synths, no tambourines, no nothing — just meat and potatoes,” Simmons said.

In addition to the new record and tour, Simmons said he’s still on the prowl for Canadian acts for his label, Simmons Records.

In November, Simmons announced that in partnership with Universal Music Canada, he planned to develop and sign Canadian bands. Soon afterward, he began soliciting online demos from unsigned Canuck acts.

On Sunday, he posted a notice on his website saying he was flying up to Vancouver to sign his first act, though he’s since declined to elaborate. He will say that he has two more Canadian bands he’d like to sign after that.

Meanwhile, the band is planning on taking some time off toward the end of the summer.

“We have a lot going on, I mean there’s Kiss M&Ms, there’s Kiss Dr. Pepper, there’s Kiss everything, soon it’s gonna be Planet Kiss,” Simmons notes.

In late September, the band will head out on its North American tour, which Simmons promises will include a return trip north of the border. “We’re gonna hit Canada again,” Simmons said, “because you’ve been very bad and you need to be punished.”

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