Gene Simmons Thinks All Bands Need To ‘Blow Shit Up’


June 12, 2008

Kiss star Gene Simmons has slammed bands like Radiohead for putting on boring live shows – insisting fans deserve to see spectacular performances from their idols. Simmons is convinced that because fans often pay a lot of money to go a concert, groups have a responsibility to make it worth their while.

And the bassist can’t stand it when bands put minimal effort into their shows.

He says, “I admire bands like Radiohead, but the idea of being that serious? F-k that, get up on stage and blow s–t up! Bands that stand by their microphones and strum their guitars are forgetting one important point – people are bringing their eyes, it’s audio and visual. If you’re not fulfilling the visual part it’s like watching a movie with your eyes closed. One of the biggest compliments we get is (when people say), ‘I f–king hate their music but that’s the best show I ever saw in my life.'”

In related news, Gene posted the following message at in regards to the Gene Simmons Roast:

“I know I often come off as a self centered, arrogant and delusional person. And your point is????

Wanna see me get my ‘come-uppance?’ — tune in to GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS on A&E, Sunday, June 15th, 10PM/9C (Marathon begins at 9/8C) and see the finest comics drill me a new one….along with some surprise guests.

This is real stuff. I had no clue what was going on, who was going to be there, or what they were going to say. Very little of it was edited out (except that stuff A&E just couldn’t put on the air). Some of it was very raunchy, and you may get to see that stuff on the web.”

Kiss Gene Simmons Roast

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