Geoff Tate making music for himself and in terms of what he likes

Geoff Tate making music for himself and in terms of what he likes

Former Queensrÿche lead vocalist Geoff Tate was recently interviewed by Duke TV and spoke about his former bandmate / guitarist Chris DeGarmo and making music for himself.

Tate stated about DeGarmo: “I don’t know. I haven’t talked to him in years. The last I heard, he wasn’t really involved with music. I never say never about things ’cause life has a way of swinging you around to a strange point that you’d never thought you’d be. I can’t imagine that that would happen but I’d never say never.”

With respect making music for himself, Tate advised: “I kind of gave up trying to guess what people like a long time ago. I think that if you spend so much time to figure out what different people like and spend no time figuring out what you like. As an artist and as a songwriter, you kind of have to follow what’s interesting to you. That’s what it’s about you know? For me at least, I am making music for myself, for what I like and I am sharing it with the world. I am not making it for the world you know.”

Duke TV‘s 2018 interview with Geoff Tate:

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