Geoff Tate opines that some of the Sweet Oblivion’s songs are reminiscent of older Queensrÿche

Geoff Tate opines that some of the Sweet Oblivion’s songs are reminiscent of older Queensrÿche

Former Queensrÿche and current Operation: Mindcrime and Sweet Oblivion lead vocalist Geoff Tate was recently interviewed by Alan Dixon for Canada’s The Metal Voice. Tate has started a new project titled Sweet Oblivion which also includes guitarist / bassist Simone Mularoni, keyboardist Emanuele Casali and drummer Paolo Caridi. Sweet Oblivion will be releasing their debut self-titled debut album, via Frontiers Music Srl on June 14, 2019.

In terms of Sweet Oblivion‘s musical direction, Tate opined: “It’s the name of an album I did with a wonderful Italian guitar player named Simone Mularoni he and i put this album together. Some of the songs are kid of reminiscent of older Queensrÿche.”

In an earlier press release from Frontiers Music SrlMularoni stated: “I grew up listening to the ’70s and ’80s rock and metal bands and, of course, Queensryche‘s classic albums are among my favorites ever. Having the opportunity and luck of working together with a musical giant like Geoff Tate has been a real blessing on both the human and the artistic side. I asked a few amazing musicians and friends to help me out and together we delivered a bunch of classic heavy rock songs in which I tried to fuse a more contemporary approach with a classic Queensryche vibe… the performances are amazing!”

You can read further excerpts from the interview with Geoff Tate at The Metal Voice‘s website or listen to the interview below:

Geoff Tate Interview Talks Avantasia- Queensryche- Sweet Oblivion-The Metal

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Sweet Oblivion feat. Geoff Tate‘s “Sweet Oblivion” song:

Sweet Oblivion (feat. Geoff Tate) – “Sweet Oblivion” (Official Audio)

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