Geoff Tate recalls scary “moment” when he saw musicians from control room during ‘Hear ‘n Aid’

Geoff Tate recalls scary “moment” when he saw musicians from control room during ‘Hear ‘n Aid’

Former Queensrÿche singer Geoff Tate, who is currently performing as part of the metal opera Avantasia, was recently interviewed by the Australian Rock Show podcast (audio below), ahead of Avantasia’s shows in Australia next month.

When asked to recall his experience of being involved with Ronnie James Dio and 1985’s charity project Hear ‘n Aid, Tate remembered (as transcribed by the Australian Rock Show podcast with slight edits): “Ronnie Dio was really influential with me and with Queensrÿche in general, and he invited us on our first ever European tour and really showed us a lot of how to be on the road and how to survive on the road and some pretty valuable lessons. After the tour, I got a call and he invited me to participate in the Hear ‘n Aid project which I readily accepted.

We all met up in Los Angeles, I think it was A&M Studios and I walked in to do my part and Ronnie was in the control room and invited me in, shook my hand and said ‘Welcome this is great, and here’s the track’. He walked me out to a performance room and we set up the microphone and got my headphone mix going and then he said ‘I’ll be in the control room and let’s just have a go at it and see what happens’. I said ‘sure’ and I happened to look up through the glass and I could see all these amazing musicians and singers in the control room watching me. People like Rob Halford was there and Eric Bloom from Blue Oyster Cult, and Ted Nugent — all these really accomplished players and singers, so there I was under the microscope, so to speak — and I was really scared. It was a petrifying moment really, so I just kept my sunglasses on closed my eyes and let it rip”.

You can listen to the interview with Geoff Tate by the Australian Rock Show podcast below:

Geoff Tate Interview – Avantasia/Queensryche – 2019 Australian Tour

Former Queensryche vocalist Geoff Tate returns to Australia soon – performing as part of the supergroup metal opera project ‘Avantasia’. Geoff joins us on episode 111 of The Australian Rock Show and we discuss everything: from his involvement with Avantasia, Queensryche’s 2006 Australian tour, his new project Sweet Oblivion, being a part of the mid-80’s collaboration Hear ‘n Aid, his former vocal instructor Maestro David Kyle and much more !

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