Geoff Tate to perform paid live stream concert on August 21st

Geoff Tate to perform paid live stream concert on August 21st

Former Queensrÿche lead vocalist Geoff Tate will be performing a paid live stream concert on August 21, 2020. The cost is $14.99 US.

The event’s Facebook page provides the following details:

Geoff Tate Acoustic Live Stream

Friday, 21st of August 2020
10pm UK Time Zone
2pm Pacific Time Zone
5pm Eastern Time Zone

This ticket allows you to stream this unique acoustic live Geoff Tate performance on Facebook.

Geoff Tate and his band will perform songs through the years, some classics, and some you won’t be expecting.

This live stream will also allow you into a live chat where Geoff will be responding to comments live. Is there something you always wanted to ask Geoff?

All streamed 100% live from ClayCastle recording studio in Co. Cork, Ireland. With Thanks to Warren Tivy.

We will also have a contest for VIP passes, so make sure you are in the chat.

Live but with option to view after!

Any questions, feel Free to email:”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Tate‘s concert in Buffalo, New York, USA back in late February 2020:

“I was excited to see Tate perform because not only does he still have his amazing vocal pipes, he is also entertaining when he is speaking to the audience. I actually think that he’s a great public speaker as he always seems to exhibit just the right pauses while addressing the crowd. He just seems really comfortable out there and it’s fun to see. As someone who is called on to do some public speaking from time to time, and who even joined a Toastmasters group almost a quarter of a century ago (I only attended a couple of times with one of my roommates Steve), I actually really enjoy seeing someone who excels at public speaking. Tate qualifies in my mind as a great public speaker. I’ve only seen him address the crowd in a live setting a couple of times but his story telling at the Brass Monkey in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada a couple of years ago and again on this night was second to none.”