Geoff Tate travels to 60th country

Geoff Tate travels to 60th country

Operation: Mindcrime frontman Geoff Tate recently revealed to Oregon Music News in an interview that he traveled to his 60th country back in December 2015.

Geoff Tate photoTate stated the following on touring and the 60th country that he traveled to:

“…the industry has changed; the recording industry and the recording industry is a mere shadow of what it once was. The sales are nothing what like they used to be. As a musician you are a working person, the way you work is by touring. In this day and age you just can’t release records and make a living that way. You can’t pay your bills; there’s a limited amount of artists and bands that might be able to sell a million albums nowadays.

Touring has become an essential part of our ‘bread & butter’ lifestyle. We keep our employees employed and our ship on track. We have to tour and luckily I happen to enjoy it! (laughs) As you know I love performing and I love traveling to different places. This past December I just traveled to my 60th country. It was amazing. I’m so proud that…

Operation Mindcrime photo{The 60th country] was Croatia, I had never been there before and I was excited to play there. I met some new friends and made some new contacts.The fans were great I have to say. I was very surprised they were singing along to the songs. They were very passionate about the performance. It was a very humbling experience I have to say Ruben; you pop into a country that you’ve never played before and you perform in front of people who know your music. You don’t speak their language but they understand yours a bit; there’s a connection there that’s strangely spiritual.”

You can read the entire interview with Tate at Oregon Music News.

Sleaze Roxx recently attended Operation: Mindcrime‘s tour stop in Warsaw, Poland and stated the following in its concert review: “I had a feeling that Operation: Mindcrime‘s brand is still not recognizable enough in my country, which might result in quite a small amount of people attending the gig. I was not surprised therefore when I arrived at the venue to see the concert being moved from the main stage to the side stage, which is normally reserved for young local acts playing local gigs. There was really not a lot of people in attendance, and if the concert took place on the big stage, it would looked like if the band was playing to a gathering of friends, or more like an extended rehearsal than an actual gig. Apart from the sparse crowd, the gig was surprisingly fine though.”

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