George Lynch Appears On New AbitA Album ‘Aureality’


March 23, 2009

AbitA, out of Buena Park North Orange County CA. classifies themselves as “New Hard Rock”.

The band formed in ’05, and hooked up with producer Brett Chassen (Alice Cooper, Motorhead, Poison, MSG, Lynch Mob, etc.) shortly after. With Brett, Abita did a three song demo in ’06 and now a full length in ’08-’09 which is now available. AbitA is named after their favorite New Orleans brew (now sponsored by the Abita brewery) and is made up by singer/guitarist Johnny “Bodus”, bassist Fee, and drummer Yenny Fusco. The style mixes heavy riffing with flashy guitar, melodic vocals and harsh screams provided by long time buddy and one time member Kollin Kiekbusch.

The new album ‘Aureality’ features George Lynch of Dokken and Lynch Mob fame. Producer Brett Chassen has worked closely with Lynch on Lynch Mob and other projects through the past years, and played a cut off the new AbitA record for Lynch during a recording session. Not long after, Lynch had agreed with AbitA’s request to come on board and play lead guitar for the song ‘Bordello Diablo’.

“We were really really blown away when Brett sent us the clip of the lead pass in the song! He laid down what I think is one of his best leads! That’s not me being biased being it’s our band and us being huge fans of his on top of it. We were really pondering whether or not he’d just hang a few notes, or be all over it. He was all over that track”!

The album ‘Aureality’ is available on AbitA’s page, and goes live with itunes and amazon on April 10th.

Below is AbatA’s video for Swept Away from their 2006 demo.

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