George Lynch displays his sense of humour over cover of Dokken’s ‘Under Lock And Key’

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

George Lynch displays his sense of humour over cover of Dokken’s ‘Under Lock And Key’

Lynch Mob guitarist George Lynch may best be known as one of the all-time great guitarists to come out of the ’80s hard rock / heavy metal era but he also apparently has a big sense of humour.

The following message was posted by photographer and Sleaze Roxx contributor Christopher Carroll on Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography‘s Facebook page yesterday (with slight edits):


A photo I haven’t shared yet.

This was one I took just for myself on the MONSTERWOOD MORCruise.

Going to the guitar clinic, George Lynch put on was one of the highlights of that cruise. Not only did he play killer licks but he talked about interesting things like….

– When Randy Rhoads joined Ozzy, George stepped in to teach his students at Randy‘s mom’s school. He said it was great inheriting all of those students… except for the fact that all the female students quit because they were just there because Randy was good looking! lol

– How he has been threatened to be beaten up by more than a few famous people. He laughs about it but wonders why they waited until he was over 60 to make these threats!

– When asked about his most embarrassing moment, he said it might have been the time he ripped his tight pants while playing and that the roadies had to duct tape them together while he was playing.

– On top of this, stories about how, when they filmed the Dream Warriors video, they did coke off of Robert Englund‘s razor gloves, with Robert, and how he now builds guitars himself (even for others, special order) made it even more interesting.

– It was cool to hear him do more than just answer a question like in an interview. When he freely speaks, it’s surprising how intelligent he is. He’s quite philosophical about everything, including the workings of a band. It’s really impressive. If you ever get the chance to listen to him speak, do it!

– One thing that was funny.. I was just sitting in front listening and watching… not there TO take photos, but took a couple just because I can’t help myself, but George is SO into playing, even when he was talking, he was noodling… when the clinic was over, he stood up and thanked everyone then turned around and started messing with his settings, playing all the while. He would play some cool runs then make adjustment and then move on to a different lick, and make adjustments, then he just played and played for a while.. then slowly turned around and was SHOCKED when he saw a crowd of people standing at the stage behind him (all waiting for pic and autographs). He immediately stopped playing and said, “OH! I didn’t know you guys were still here”! He had just been playing for himself.

– oh… one other thing. During a panel discussion that photographer Mark Weiss was also a part of, it was brought up that Mark shot the cover of Dokken‘s ‘Under Lock and Key‘. Later it came back around when George thanked him for ruining his career by dressing him like that. Mark rushed to let him know that HE wasn’t the stylist and didn’t choose those clothes. George brought it up again later and thanked Mark for making him look like an idiot in that outfit and Mark again tried to explain that he didn’t have anything at all to do with those clothes!!! George leaned forward and looked down the panel at Mark, smiled and said, “Relax, dude, I’m just F’n with you”. It was hilarious!”