George Lynch would love to do a new Dokken record but wants it to be enjoyable

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George Lynch would love to do a new Dokken record but wants it to be enjoyable

Lynch Mob and occasional Dokken guitarist George Lynch was recently interviewed by Ultimate Guitar‘s David Slavkovic, and was asked whether he thinks that Dokken‘s classic line-up consisting of Lynch, singer Don Dokken, bassist

Jeff Pilson and drummer “Wild” Mick Brown will come up with an album together.

Lynch replied in part:

“I don’t know. I mean… The further along we get here, I think the less it matters. [Laughs]

“The more time goes by, it becomes less relevant. I think we’re all having fun doing what we’re doing. I’m involved in a million projects, playing all kinds of great music.

“I would love to do a Dokken record but I just don’t want it to be… I want it to be enjoyable. And I think everybody does. I don’t want it to turn into a painful, ugly experience. [Laughs] Who needs that at our age? That’s the main thing.”

You can read the rest of Lynch‘s answer at Ultimate Guitar.

Dokken‘s classic line-up did release a video for a new song together titled “It’s Another Day” back in March 2018.

Dokken‘s “It’s Another Day” video:

Dokken “It’s Another Day” (Official Music Video)

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