German rockers Kissin’ Dynamite release video for “Hashtag Your Life”

German rockers Kissin’ Dynamite release video for “Hashtag Your Life”

German rockers Kissin’ Dynamite have released a video for their song “Hashtag Your Life” from their upcoming album Generation Goodbye, which will be released via AFM Records on July 8, 2016.

Kissin' Dynamite photoSleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Kissin’ Dynamite‘s 2012 released album Money, Sex & Power: “So say you what you want about artists that seem frozen in amber circa 1987, but there’s a reason that formula was once huge — it was honed over the course of the ’80s into a fine artform, and if you’re going to fuck with that template you’d better have the chops to pull it off. Otherwise I’d just as soon see you put your energy into quality songwriting rather than trying to reinvent a wheel that’s already perfectly balanced, and with plenty of tread left on it at that.

Germany’s Kissin’ Dynamite hit the latter approach, boasting a brash-yet-familiar blend of stadium rock combining a sleaze edge with pop hooks and sing-along choruses — singer Hannes Braun sort of sounds like a biker bar version of Firehouse‘s C.J. Snare (a lot better combination than the description reads on paper). Currently on album #3, the years spent honing their craft has started to pay off handsomely for the band. Kissin’ Dynamite wouldn’t have been as huge as Whitesnake or Motley Crue if they’d have been around in the ’80s, but with a seasoned mentor of a producer (i.e. Mutt Lange) guiding them they could have easily been in a league with second tier acts like Slaughter or the aforementioned Firehouse.”

Kissin' Dynamite CD coverTrack List for Disc 1 of Generation Goodbye:
01. Generation Goodbye
02. Hashtag Your Life
03. If Clocks Were Running Backwards
04. Somebody To Hate
05. She Came She Saw
06. Highlight Zone
07. Masterpiece
08. Flying Colours
09. Under Friendly Fire
10. Larger Than Life
11. Utopia
12. Living In The Fastlane
13. Only The Good Die Young (Acoustic Version)
14. Ticket To Paradise (Live)
15. I Will Be King (Live)

Track List for Disc 2 of Generation Goodbye:
01. Kissin’ Dynamite Tour Documentary (ca. 20 Min.) Live Clips
02. Ticket To Paradise
03. I Will Be King
04. I Will Be King (video clip)
05. Six Feet Under (video clip)
06. Money Sex And Power (video clip)
07. DNA (video clip)
08. Fireflies (lyric video)
09. Hashtag Your Life (video clip)

KISSIN’ DYNAMITE – Hashtag Your Life (2016) // Official Music Video // AFM Records

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