Gil Moore planning Triumph ‘Mixed Reality Tour’ which would feature pre-recorded music and actors

Gil Moore planning Triumph ‘Mixed Reality Tour’ which would feature pre-recorded music and actors

Triumph drummer Gil Moore was recently interviewed by Jimmy Kay from Canada’s The Metal Voice at the Metalworks Studio located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Back on September 10, 2021, Banger Films‘ documentary film Triumph: Rock & Roll Machine premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

Moore is thinking of a “Part Two” for the Rock & Roll Machine documentary as he indicated to Kay (as provided by The Metal Voice with slight edits): “I think so. I’m probably the only person that thinks that because I remember when we were filming this one (Rock and Roll Machine) I said to Sam Dunn who was the co-director, I said ‘You know, we got to keep some of this b-roll here because we’re going to do another one.’ And he’s like, ‘Don’t get ahead of yourself’ and I said, ‘Hey man, my whole career I’ve been ahead of myself. That’s how I had a career, so let’s stay with that.’ I have a plan to do a mixed reality tour for Triumph and I’m very serious about that. I’m working with our lighting director Paul Dexter at Masterworks in Los Angeles. He’s unbelievable and he’s kind of The Godfather of holograms, this is not a hologram tour by any means. But we are going to use a form of holography or three-dimensional recreation to do this. There’s a lot of technology involved.

Let’s put it this way, it’s not going to be like anything that anybody’s ever seen before if Paul and I get our way with the way we’re developing the content that’s going to be seen. It’s going to be something that’ll blow people’s minds and it’ll be Triumph through and through. I don’t want to say too much other than, the key is, think of mixed reality and what that means, no glasses, no tricks that way. All the tricks will be coming from the stage. but we’ve got some phenomenal plans. All the music is pre-recorded, it’s all from live shows but it will be custom tailored to this particular performance and it involves some actors. And involves footage of Mike [Levine], Rik [Emmett] and Gil, and recreations of Mike, Rik and Gil, and some of the coolest things that people are going to see in the touring market, I can tell you that. I have a lot of things that I’m working on that I’m passionate about in the education field and so on for music so I don’t have the bandwidth for another Triumph tour at this stage and you know Mike and Rik have different things they’re doing as well .This is a way to give something to the fans that we know will absolutely knock them right off their chairs.”

On whether Part 2 of the documentary would contain new video footage, Moore revealed: “I think there’ll be a tiny bit of the archival footage that’s already in the can from the first documentary that was not stuff that wasn’t used. But I would say there’s gonna be a lot of new footage and it’s going to tie into this tour so I think that the footage that is related to the tour and how we develop the technology that we came up with. And stuff that’s really unusual like some of our technical partners like Microsoft is helping us for example. People would be like what? Yeah Microsoft. Microsoft mixed reality — yeah, they’re really happening you know. They’re really helping Triumph, so yeah pretty cool stuff.”

You can listen below to the interview with Gil Moore on The Metal Voice: