Gilby Clarke Recovering From Hit And Run

Gilby Clarke Recovering From Hit And Run

January 15, 2010

Gilby Clarke of Guns N’Roses, Slash’s Snakepit and Kill For Thrills is in the hospital recovering from injuries he sustained in a hit n’ run accident on his motorcycle on January 10th.

Gilby suffered 3 broken bones in his left foot/ankle and a broken bone in his right foot. He had one successful surgery Tuesday, but he still has at least one more next week.

There is no further information on the pick up truck that caused the accident by making a left hand turn into oncoming traffic. Gilby would like to thank everybody that has expressed their concern and well wishes…

Gilby states, “yes, some asshole in his pick up truck pulled a left as I was going through an intersection on my bike. JD and I were riding back from Pomona Easyriders show when it happened. Not only did this dumb ass driver pull in front of moving traffic, but he split the scene after he hit me. He doesn’t know if I’m dead or what… I have 3 broken bones in my left foot and 1 broken bone in my right foot. My new Joe King helmut saved my skull, but I won’t be walking for awhile. There were some really wonderful people at the scene that helped out quite a bit and I’ve heard from everyone I know, sending best wishes and speedy recovery. So to you, we will rock n’ roll again!”

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