Girish and The Chronicles release lyric video for single “Bad Shepherd”

Girish and The Chronicles release lyric video for single “Bad Shepherd”

India based rockers Girish and The Chronicles have unveiled a lyric video for their single “Bad Shepherd” from their new album Rock The Highway, which was released via Lions Pride Music on April 27, 2020.

In an interview with Sleaze Roxx earlier this month, Girish and The Chronicles frontman Girish Pradhan was asked his name got to the forefront of the band to which he replied:

“It was at around 2006. I dropped out from engineering and decided to take a musical path. I had met [guitarist] Suraz [Karki / Sun] during a college music fest, where we had both witnessed each other performing. We met up and started talking about a band. [My brother] Yogesh had left town for his studies, so we teamed up with one of his old bandmates and Nagen — our current drummer. We started doing small gigs in and out of the town. This didn’t last for too long though. I soon decided to travel and explore. I was in Delhi for a few months and then I headed to Kathmandu in Nepal, where I stayed for a year, doing small gigs around town. The good thing was that my YouTube channel started doing quite well and I started gaining quite a lot of attention as a vocalist. Long story short, I came back to India and my brother was home too for a vacation, and we started recording a song named “Angel.” It was mid-2009. We finished the song and I sent it to a few local magazines and music festivals.

People had started looking at me as a solo artist, due to my channel name and the single release. The rest of the guys were in another band at this time. Soon, Yogesh left to complete his studies in sound engineering. I started performing alone at the Cafe and the poster outside showed “Girish Unplugged” or something like that. Soon, Nagen and our former bassist, reconnected with me and we started a band once again. I simply renamed the poster as, “and The Chronicles.” It was the name of a short lived band that I had formed in Nepal. Suraz was still comitted to his ongoing project. I was literally the guitarist and the vocalist of the band for a while. We started getting lots of invitations after “Angel” and some good responses on YouTube. Just before we headed out for the festivals, Suraz called me up and said he too wanted to join in. We already knew he would come sooner or later! We were just waiting for him. So yeah, that’s how the name stayed, but yes, Girish and The Chronicles is not about me or the vocals at all. It’s a collective effort.”

Girish and The Chronicles‘ “Bad Shepherd” lyric video: