Girish and The Chronicles unleash video for new single “Identity Crisis”

Girish and The Chronicles unleash video for new single “Identity Crisis”

India based rockers Girish and The Chronicles have released a video for their single “Identity Crisis” from their new album Rock The Highway, which was just released today (on April 27, 2020) via Lions Pride Music.

In an interview with Sleaze Roxx earlier this month, Girish and The Chronicles frontman Girish Pradhan explained the six year gap between his band’s two albums Back On Earth and Rock The Highway as he stated:

“We were actually in the process of recording a new album with a very different sound. We ended up recording about eight tracks with most of them without vocals, but it was something very progressive and experimental in nature. Also, the kind of stuff we wanted to add to the music and video would have taken a lot of time and travelling as well. So we decided to keep it on hold and perhaps introduce it with a different project name later in the future. We did go through a lot of hurdles too. We released “Endless Road”, “Walking The Line” and “Rock The Highway” in between, to make sure we were giving something to the audience.”

In terms of Girish and The Chronicles releasing their latest album during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Pradhan indicated:

“It’s really sad what everyone is going through. These are tough times. It also means we won’t be touring anytime soon, but we had promised our fans that we would make it available no matter what. It had been far too long on top of that. It doesn’t really feel like how it should, but on the positive side, it’s good that the people will have one more thing to do and feel good with some more music in their play lists and collections.”

Girish and The Chronicles‘ “Identity Crisis” video:

Girish And The Chronicles – IDENTITY CRISIS

Identity Crisis is the second single by #GirishAndTheChronicles off #RockTheHighway | Released on 27th April 2020 by Lions Pride Music. Like, Share and Subsc…