Glam Skanks change their name to Retra

Glam Skanks change their name to Retra

Glitter rockers Glam Skanks have decided to change their name to Retra, and their first video under the new band name for the single “Queen of The Avant-Garde” will be premiering tomorrow.

The band’s “Bio” on its Facebook page indicates (with slight edits):

Retra, is an LA based “glam-rock//soul rock” band. With influences ranging from Motown, and the New York Dolls to Grace Jones and David Bowie (just to name a few), you can expect nothing short of powerful anthems, glitzy fashion, and gender-bending theatrics from this women / queer fronted band.

Retra is the reinvention of the band Glam Skanks (started by guitarist Veronica Witkin), that had been seen performing all around the world; at venues such as The Roundhouse, and Royal Albert Hall, sometimes as the opening act for the iconic Adam Ant.

The reincarnation into Retra, which has blossomed in the time of the pandemic, focuses on finding a soulful new voice that resonates with, and empowers all the beautiful weirdos of today, while holding close a constant and ineffable nostalgia for all that “good stuff” from the past.

Retra’s Audra Isadora (vocals), Veronica Witkin (guitars/synth), Millie Chan (bass), and Andy Nathan (drums), can’t wait to shed their light (and glitter) on you, as soon as possible!”

Glam SkanksBig Announcement video:

Retra‘s “Queen of The Avant-Garde” video: