Glam Skanks expose “fan” who provided unsolicited message and start ‘Skank Wall of Shame’

Glam Skanks expose “fan” who provided unsolicited message and start ‘Skank Wall of Shame’

California female glitter rockers Glam Skanks consisting of lead vocalist Ali Cat, guitarist Veronica Volume, bassist Millie Chan and drummer Cassie have turned the tables on a “fan” that sent them an unwanted and unsolicited message.

The following message was posted on Glam Skanks‘ Facebook page less than an hour ago:

“Usually we try to keep things fun and lighthearted here on our page but in light of what we’re seeing in the media and all the brave women and men sharing their stories we felt this was an important post.

Earlier this afternoon a “fan” sent us this unsolicited message. Now some people may try to argue that as a Rock n Roll band full of women calling themselves Skanks and dressing in “provocative” attire that we were somehow “asking” for this message or behavior but we can assure that we are not and neither are any of the women and young girls who get sent these types of messages on a daily basis.

We’re just a band trying to make it in an industry that is already more intimidating for women and we know most women go through the same thing no matter what field they’re in but this is just one example of how this toxic culture affects us in our careers and our lives.

We hope this post sheds some light on this topic as well as inspires others to stand up and come forward.

And to you Corey we say
?Fuck Off!!!?

P.S. If anyone else feels inclined to send us a similar message beware you will end up on the Skank Wall of Shame
#ustoo #fuckoff #creeps #metoo #toxicmasculinity #skankwallofshame”

Glam Skanks‘ “Karma/Bad Bitch” double feature video:

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