Glitter Magic Debuts “Bad For Health” Music Video

Glitter Magic Debuts “Bad For Health” Music Video

August 17, 2012

Brazilian rock band Glitter Magic have released their first ever music video, for the title track from their new album ‘Bad For Health’.

‘Bad For Health’ was released online independently on March 12 and its official release occurred on April 7. The band then teamed with Heart Of Steel Records who released the album digitally in August of 2012. The entire 10 track album is being streamed for free at

Glitter Magic unites the new wave of hard rock with AOR elements from the 80’s along with heavy and thrash metal influences — making for a different style. The band’s current line-up is Rhee Charles (vocals), Luqui di Falco and Mauri Moore (guitars), Glux (bass) and Andy Ravel (drums). The band’s debut CD ‘Bad For Health’ is a melodic and energetic release with lyrical content focusing on daily situations, human relations and the hedonistic rock and roll lifestyle.

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