Glorious Bankrobbers unleash video for new single “Turn On The Music” from upcoming album

Glorious Bankrobbers unleash video for new single “Turn On The Music” from upcoming album

The Swedish rockers Glorious Bankrobbers are back and about to release a new studio album titled Back On The Road via Bollmora Rekords on April 21, 2023.

Track List for Back On The Road:
01. I’m A Drudge
02. Dodge The Bullet
03. Criminal Boogie
04. Gold Fever
05. D.S.T
06. Up To You
07. Turn On The Music
08. Back On The Road
09. Running Hot
10. House of Fantasy
11. My America Rocks

Amazon‘s Editorial Reviews indicates (with slight edits): “Glorious Bankrobbers were formed in Stockholm in 1983 and the debut album was released in 1984 on Planet Records, and produced by Kee Marcello (Easy Action and later Europe). But G.B. broke up soon after the release due to their manager, who sold all the promotion records in second hand stores in order to get money for beer, so G.B. never got any reviews or radio airplay. The group members played in different bands for a couple of years, but then G.B. joined forces again and released the album Dynamite Sex Dose in 1989 (without their former manager…). The video for the song “Dynamite Sex Dose” got played in heavy rotation on MTV‘s “Headbangers Ball“. G.B. also got signed by Ema-Telstar who was Sweden’s biggest live promotor. They toured heavily both in Sweden and Norway and also supported major acts like Europe and Yngwie Malmsteen.

In late 1990, the American manager Rick Shaw took the band for a two week promotion tour in N.Y.C. where they among other gigs played as support to The Sweet at The Cat Club. They also played the legendary New York City music club CBGB. The gig was released as the live album Glorious Bankrobbers – Live at CBGB’s N.Y.C.. Unfortunately, G.B. didn’t get any major deal in the USA, but they managed to turn down playing support to Alice In Chains!!! Much later, G.B. got a US deal and their two first albums were released on Demon Doll Records in 2018… The singer then left the band and started singing with the Norwegian band Backstreet Girls. The rest of the band reformed as Mental Hippie Blood with new singer Michael Oran. Mental Hippie Blood released two albums.

However, after many years the band got together again and in 2007 they released the album The Glorious Sound of Rock’n’Roll on the label Sweden Metal Records. The band started touring and played on festivals with among others Nazareth, The Quireboys and Mustasch. But in 2012, the drummer “Oden” tragically dies and once again the band was put on ice. Until Now!!! Glorious Bankrobbers have recorded a brand-new album. The album will be released by Bollmora Rekords and distributed by Sound Pollution. The 21st of April, Back On The Road will be released on vinyl, CD and all digital platforms. G.B. have also made three videos to back up the album release.”

Glorious Bankrobbers‘ “Turn On The Music” video:

Glorious Bankrobbers‘ “I’m A Drudge” video: