GoFundMe campaign started by Pretty Boy Floyd frontman Steve Summers amid family crisis

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

GoFundMe campaign started by Pretty Boy Floyd frontman Steve Summers amid family crisis

It’s been a tough last few months for Pretty Boy Floyd frontman Steve Summers as the singer has lost his older brother Mitch and his father Shelly, and is now in a financial bind. Summers has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise fund to assist with past medical and funeral expenses.

SummersGoFundMe campaign indicates (with slight edits):

“Hello, this is Steve Summers from Pretty Boy Floyd. Some of you know me by my birth name Steve Podwal. It’s been a long time coming for me to share with all of you the devastating and extreme heartbreaking news that first I lost my brother Mitch unexpectedly at age of 55 a few months back in January and now I have lost my father Shelly this past week.

I’ve only told a few close friends about my brother’s passing since it has been so hard on me the shock of losing my older brother, my best friend, my hero. So first I will talk about my brother Mitchell which some of you might know as Mitch Stevens in the music industry. Me and my brother were so close from the beginning of time all the way to the sudden tragedy of his loss. I can go on and on about my brother. He was such a great guy and taught me so much in life and always had my back. Mitch was the first manager of Pretty Boy Floyd who believed in all of us and supported us financially as well as guiding us up the ranks of rock.

Mitch was so many things in life — a great brother a great son and a father to his daughter Alexis. Mitch was a entrepreneur in many categories. He was a promoter on the Sunset Strip, a club owner, a band manager and loved to live life. He did so many things from surfing to skiing to all sports and even as young child, he was always creating things around the house for the neighbors from carnivals to skateboard ramps to sports on our front lawn. Mitch was a drummer and he is the one who got me into music and helped me with all sports and even pushed me to grow my hair long and tell me about girls. All my brother wanted to do was be healthy and enjoy life and work hard.

Mitchell’s health was on a decline for some time as me and my wife Delphine always helped to do what we could do. Me and my wife took care of Mitch the best we could. Mitch lived with us for a few years when Delphine and I first got married to do everything we could to make sure he was safe. After living with us, Mitch lived 5 min away from us so we would always be close enough to take care or help him in anyway. At the end of last year 2019, Mitch went to the Philippines to visit a long time friend  and try again to get healthy mentally, physically, emotionally and all around wellness. Mitch was only there about 3 to 4 weeks before he was found by his friend deceased in his bed. That was the worst call I’ve ever received. My brother and best friend was gone.

Now for my beloved father Shelly who passed away this last Tuesday. I just saw him on Monday night and Saturday night. My dad was in good spirits and seemed ok at 90. He didn’t answer my call on Tuesday as well as not calling his long time girlfriend who he didn’t live with but talked to everyday. His girlfriend called me as we were both so concerned. I had the terrible task of going into my dad’s apt and seeing him deceased on the floor. It was a stab in my heart while still grieving the loss of my brother.  This past year I would go grocery shopping for him since he’s legs were very weak. My mom and dad divorced when I was eight but he was always a great dad and my buddy. He really loved life growing up in New York from traveling to dancing to tennis and always had a love for music.

My dad took me to concerts as well as drove me to many of my Pretty Boy Floyd shows in Hollywood and always enjoyed talking with the fans. I was always in contact with my dad, talking to him almost everyday and seeing him as much as we could. I always did everything I could for my brother and father and now they are both gone within a few months of each other. As I’m writing to you, there is so much more to say but at the moment, I’m writing on emotions. Now that I’ve explained the best I could at this moment the pain I’m in, especially at a time when the world is dealing with the corona virus. I was just talking with a family member last week and friends and saying, I got to tell you this virus isn’t helping me with the grieving process of my brother and now my father is gone.

During this crisis of course, all of my shows have been canceled and my wife was laid off and is not receiving unemployment benefits as of yet. I’m doing my best to handle all of these responsibilities the best I can as well as taking care of myself and my wife’s well being and sanity during such a wave of tragedies which started with flying my brothers body back to the States for a proper burial.  At this time, we really need your help to cover past medical and funeral expenses as the list goes on and on. We are doing our best but at this time, I will put my pride aside and really ask for help. Do what you can anything helps at this time and please share. We really would like to thank everyone in advance for taking the time to read my story.

God bless.

Steve Summers.”