Gotthard Debut New Singer On “Remember It’s Me”

Gotthard Debut New Singer On “Remember It’s Me”

November 20, 2011

Gotthard have announced that they have found a new singer. The successor to Steve Lee, who was killed in a tragic accident last year, is Swiss born Nic Maeder. Nic was born in 1971 in Lausanne, lived in Melbourne, Australia and grew up between Switzerland and ‘Down Under’. Gotthard’s first release with Maeder, a song entitled “Remember It’s Me” can be downloaded at

“Nic not only has a great voice and is a fantastic musician, but we also have a great person in our midst”, says Gotthard guitarist Leo Leoni. “We can rock again at last”.

“The search took a long time but it was clear to all of us when we met Nic that he was the right guy. With him we can enjoy the music again and celebrate new success,” states drummer Hena Habegger. “I’m really happy that we are continuing”. The final decision for Nic Maeder was unanimous. “We noticed straight away that the chemistry, both musically and personally, was right. For us, he is the new member of the family”, sais guitarist Freddy Scherer.

Nic Maeder, who besides his singing position also plays guitar and piano, is a very talented and creative person. His songwriting ability also means he fits perfectly into the Gotthard family. He is the missing piece in the puzzle. “Music has been my companion all my life and always was an important part of it. It is a great feeling to be able to share in the birth of a song and to see how it keeps growing. I can experience that with Gotthard and it makes me happy. I am making music with friends,” says Nic Maeder.

Of course you can write a lot about a new singer, but in the end there is nothing better than seeing and hearing him sing. Gotthard therefore decided to produce a song plus video as a thank you to their fans, which can be downloaded free of charge. It is dedicated to all the Gotthard fans who didn’t lose their faith and trust in the band.

Says bassist Marc Lynn, “With Nic, we have taken the right decision for Gotthard. A lot of courage is needed to step into the footsteps of such a great singer. For that, Nic has earned our respect. Let’s never forget this and make Nic welcome in the family.”

Gotthard are in the studio at the moment and are working with renewed energy and enthusiasm on songs for a new album, which will be released in the spring of 2012.

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