Gotthard Debut “Starlight” Music Video

Gotthard Debut “Starlight” Music Video

May 6, 2012

Gotthard recently filmed a video of the first single “Starlight” from their upcoming album ‘Firebirth’, due for release on June 1st through Nuclear Blast Records. The clip was filmed in an old animal food factory near Berlin, which has already made a name for itself: among others, some scenes from the film Inglorious Bastards were shot there.

In the video long-time Gotthard fans were immortalized. The rock fans can be seen in the clip doing what they love to do: a concert crowd, urging on their band as loudly as possible.

The filming went on into the middle of the night and, like the album title ‘Firebirth’, it was extremely fiery: the band performed in the middle of blazing flames in honour of their ‘Firebirth’.

For Gotthard, the fiery filming was another event together in the good old tradition. “During the filming of the video, we could feel again that the chemistry between us and the fans was great,” the musicians said. “We are sure this will be seen in the clip.”

For the band, it is very important that some of those who have been fans for years should play a role in the filming. “We simply have the feeling that not only those of us in the band have become even closer but also our Gotthard-family, those who are in our surroundings, are close to us and shared with us the difficult unhappy months after Steve’s death. We want to show this in the video: we are a community and we are rocking together again!”

“Starlight” is the virtual shooting star of album song writing: the song was one of the first that the band wrote together with Nic Maeder, the new member at the microphone. “The chemistry between us worked immediately”, says guitarist Leo Leoni. “It is really unusual to be able to sit down together and straightway write a song which is later the single.”

“Right from the first, we had a really laid-back atmosphere between us,” agrees Nic Maeder. “It was therefore not hard to come up with good ideas. It was really good fun from the start!”

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