Gotthard Release New CD Details


June 25, 2009

On September 4th GOTTHARD will release their new album “Need To Believe” which is a varied and very international sounding record full of power and energy.

Gotthard Release New CD Details

Gotthard will also release the cover artwork of the new album, which as Steve Lee comments: “It shows the philosophy of Gotthard: ‘believe in yourself and do your own thing, even if you think it is impossible sometimes. Like it seems impossible to press water out of a stone. “Need To Believe” because faith is essential.”

The following tracks will be on the regular album version:
01. Shangri-la
02. Unspoken Words
03. Need To Believe
04. Unconditional Faith
05. I Don’t Mind
06. Break Away
07. Don’t Let Me Down
08. Right From Wrong
09. I Know, You Know
10. Rebel Soul
11. Tears To Cry

Additionally, there will be a high quality box version including a special gimmick and the bonus track “Ain’t Enough”.

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