Gotthard Vocalist Involved In Car Accident

Gotthard Vocalist Involved In Car Accident

August 12, 2010

Gotthard vocalist Steve Lee was recently involved in a car accident, but walked away unharmed.

In a statement Steve said, “I want to inform you that I have been involved in a horrible car crash in Italy on Saturday August 7, while I was on my way home from a little vacation. A car crashed into us on the motorway near Firenze, and it involved 6 other cars. As cars were slowing down the person in the car behind us didn’t notice that, and crashed into our car.

Despite the accident I want you all to know that I am OK, I guess I must have a “Rock loving” Guardian Angel.”

Gotthard released their latest CD ‘Need To Believe’ On September 4, 2009 through Nuclear Blast Records —

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