Graveyard BBQ release new song “Daredevil” for streaming

Graveyard BBQ release new song “Daredevil” for streaming

One man dirt core band, Graveyard BBQ, has released a new song titled “Daredevil” from the upcoming new full-length album.

Back in July 2016, Sleaze Roxx interviewed Graveyard BBQ‘s one man show, Brownbag Johnson, who advised as follows:

“…I create, craft, perform, and co-produce all Graveyard BBQ songs and dirtcore “recipes.” The band was originally formed in 2003 in my hometown of Waltham, Massachusetts [outside of Boston] and was actively playing shows and touring as a full band all the way up ’til 2010 when there was a bit of a disconnect and “hiatus.” At that point… I decided to move on, relocate to L.A, and continue on as a one-man band to keep carrying the torch… Rest assured…. A new Graveyard BBQ “full band” touring line-up will be announced soon!”

Graveyard BBQ‘s “Daredevil” song:


NEW FULL-LENGTH ALBUM COMING SOON!All Music / Lyrics written & performed by: Brownbag Johnson, Graveyard BBQ Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by: Chris Collier, C…