Graveyard BBQ Return With ‘The Raw, The Rippin, & The Righteous’ EP

Graveyard BBQ Return With ‘The Raw, The Rippin, & The Righteous’ EP

April 23, 2013

California rockers Graveyard BBQ are back with the first in a series of EPs entitled ‘The Raw, The Rippin, & The Righteous’. The 5 track EP is available now in several formats including limited edition ‘Ruster’ packages that include a poster, guitar pick, bumper sticker and t-shirt. ‘The Raw, The Rippin, & The Righteous’, featuring tracks such as “The Rustler”, “The Man With No Name” and an unplugged version of “The Clothes That Makes The Man”, can be purchased now by visiting

Graveyard BBQ quickly rose to fame when they won the “Be a Guitar Hero” national contest to have their song “Cheat On The Church” (from their debut record release, ‘Greatest Hits Volume 1’) featured in the legendary soundtrack of the PlayStation 2 video game, Guitar Hero. In 2007, the band released their highly praised, ground breaking follow-up ‘Greatest Hits Volume II’ which included their signature songs, “The Clothes That Makes The Man”, “Creamskull Boogie”, “Ride The Stache”, “By The Grace Of The Grill”, “Cheat On The Church”, and the fan-inspired anthem, “BBQ Nation”.

Regarding ‘Greatest Hits Volume II’ Sleaze Roxx said the album was “as fucked up as music is allowed to get without becoming completely unlistenable. It comes as no surprise that Graveyard BBQ recently won a ‘High Times Doobie Award’, and judging by the music these guys have served up I’m recommending that cannabis be included as a side-dish at every BBQ. This is one cook-out party that everyone should attend!”

Ultimately, Graveyard BBQ offers something for everyone of all age and walks of life, and induces it’s true essence of substance, conviction, originality, and fun, which are very much absent in today’s music world. Graveyard BBQ has certainly made quite a name for itself, building its buzz from a rapidly growing worldwide die-hard cult following, and creating a sound to last for time and beyond… as fans will agree. At the end of the day, Graveyard BBQ proudly vows to carry on the torch of the legends who have paved the way before them, and to show the world that the true spirit of rock n’ roll is alive and well.

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