Great White Guitarist Put His “Heart And Soul” Into Getting Jack Russell Well

Great White Guitarist Put His “Heart And Soul” Into Getting Jack Russell Well

August 17, 2012

Great White Guitarist Put His The Classic Metal Show recently conducted a no holds barred interview with Great White guitarist Mark Kendall to discuss the removal of former vocalist Jack Russell from the band. Pulling no punches, The Classic Metal Show directly asked Kendall if there was a hypocrisy in throwing Russell out of the band for drug use, when they spent the bulk of their years as a band renowned for their hard partying ways.

When asked if it seems a little hypocritical to say, “OK, you’re still partying, so you can’t be in the band?” Mark Kendall replied, “Well I think… Partying is one thing, but major drug abuse where you are destroying your body is another thing. It’s on a different level. I work with a lot of struggling addicts and alcoholics, and the reason they’re successful is because they want to be well. I don’t think we were getting that with Jack. It’s really frustrating. I put my heart and soul into him trying to get him well. I was his pain medication guy. I’ve tried everything. You know, it’s difficult man. I wish he would really, really just flush his body of all the stuff he does to it, and just get well. That’s all I can say about that.”

Great White recently released ‘Elation’, the group’s first album with new singer Terry Ilous of XYZ fame. Regarding the album said, “The strange thing about Elation is that it floats in some sort of hard rock neverland — Jack Russell followers won’t hate it as much as they want too, and hardcore Great White fans won’t be as blown away as they hoped to be. With Mark Kendall on guitar you really can’t go wrong, but without his longtime partner Jack Russell, Elation isn’t all it could be.”

Meanwhile Jack Russell is currently touring as Jack Russell’s Great White with guitarists Robby Lochner and Matthew Johnson, bassist Dario Seixas, and former Great White drummer Derrick Pontier.

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