Great White Guitarist Writes And Produces New Lost Carnival Track

Great White Guitarist Writes And Produces New Lost Carnival Track

June 12, 2011

Great White guitarist Mark Kendall has been working with Utah’s Lost Carnival, producing their recent self-titled album. Kendall also contributed two songs to the CD, ones that he wrote specifically for the band. A video for one of those songs, “Keep The Faith”, can be viewed below.

Said Mark Kendall about his time with Lost Carnival, “Lost Carnival was a great album project for me to work on, on several levels. One of the things I really appreciated was their musicianship and willingness to listen, and also their acceptance to change. To let go of any existing egos, isn’t always easy. In Lost Carnival’s case however it wasn’t an issue.

With this new record I believe from my heart they have put themselves on a new level, and I have no doubt in the future, it will only get better. I am proud to say that I was a part of this record! I feel very good about the songs and I see great things in the future for Lost Carnival. Everyone in the band performed with a free spirit and probably did some of their best performances to date. It’s always a welcomed experience for me to work with great people and become good friends. With Lost Carnival I can confidently say we are friends and at the same time in tune musically. Besides all that, we had an absolute blast and it doesn’t get much better than that.”

Originally formed in 1978 as Joker, guitarists Michael E. Coones and Derek Roberts have come together again and assembled the hottest band to ever come out of Utah. After auditioning 17 lead singers, Matt Wilson was chosen to front the band with his incredible vocal range and showmanship. Bruce Wilson isnow holding down the bass position and Lance Hanna is on drums. Lost Carnival’s music has an 80’s style with a sound for today’s rock fans. They have a unique feel to the band borrowing from the old style circus and carnival look of the 1800’s. They have a live show straight out of the big top. Once you have been to a Lost Carnival show, every other rock act will seem tame in comparison.

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