Great White Release Remixed Version Of ‘Elation’

Great White Release Remixed Version Of ‘Elation’

February 11, 2013

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce that during the week of the release of Great White’s forthcoming live album ’30 Years – Live From The Sunset Strip’ (planned for February 22nd in Europe and February 26th in North America), a newly remixed version of the band’s latest studio album ‘Elation’ will be made available for digital download sales across the board at the special price of 4.99 USD/3.99 GBP/ 3.99 EURO. The album was remixed by George Tutko, known for his work with such artists as Rod Stewart, KISS, Ozzy Osbourne, John Mellencamp and more. After the first week, the album will go back to normal price.

‘Elation’ was orginally released on May 18, 2012 with production and mixing being handled by guitarist/keyboardist Michael Lardie. In a review of the album stated, “I realize relationships can sour over time, but for a band that has gone through as much heartbreak as Great White you would think the disgruntled members could toss their differences aside. However the damage may truly be done at this point, and what we are left with is a band that hits all the right notes yet doesn’t really sound like Great White. The strange thing about Elation is that it floats in some sort of hard rock neverland — Jack Russell followers won’t hate it as much as they want too, and hardcore Great White fans won’t be as blown away as they hoped to be.”

In the meantime, the band’s latest video “Hard To Say Goodbye” is officially in rotation on The song is also #8 on the Classic Rock Radio media charts. This is indeed a major milestone for the band.

“When I assembled this band in 1979, that eventually became Great White in 1982, to have it still be around 30 years later is a complete blessing,” guitarist Mark Kendall said. “The music and fans is what keeps us rocking. From ‘On Your Knees’ to ‘Elation’ the music has been for the fans. We decided to celebrate by taking it back where it all started for us, and that is on The Sunset Strip in Hollywood California. Being a big part of our history, The Key Club in Hollywood, California, was the perfect venue to record this live album and celebrate our 30 years of making music together.” Drummer Audie Desbrow added, “A big thank you to all the fans, past present, and future, we could have never done it without you!”

With a line-up featuring co-founder Mark Kendall (lead guitar), Audie Desbrow (drums), Michael Lardie (guitar/keyboards), Scott Snyder (bass) and new singer Terry Ilous (former XYZ), a natural frontman blessed with bluesy-heritage rock tone, Ilous fits the band like a glove. Great White’s biting guitar riffs, contagious rhythm section and newfound energy is ready to honor its past and create the next chapter. 30th Anniversary Live is just one night — but the music is timeless.

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