Great White’s Jack Russell Says He Died The Same Day As Jani Lane

Great White’s Jack Russell Says He Died The Same Day As Jani Lane

February 22, 2012

Great White's Jack Russell Says He Died The Same Day As Jani LaneGreat White vocalist Jack Russell reveals that he died on the same day as Jani Lane in a recent interview with EasyReader‘s Anna Cox.

“I just lost a good friend of mine to this disease (alcoholism), Jani Lane from Warrant, who died the same day (August 11, 2011) I had my surgery to repair a shattered pelvis,” states Russell. “I was dead. I died. I was flat-lined on the table from sepsis from a bowel perforation. I was in a coma for 5 days. Steven Tyler from Aerosmith called me a couple days later and said, ‘Dude, what are you doing?’ He’s always been my sober coach. That really woke me up. I’m just so happy to be sober.”

Russell has lost 5 inches of height due to 20 years of prednisone use, compressing his spine. “I used to be 5′ 11”, the singer continues. “I’ve (also) lost a couple of stupidly high notes, stuff I haven’t used since I was a kid, like in the early ’80s where it was cool to sing as high as you possibly could… notes only the dogs could hear.”

Now fully recovered from his recent medical setbacks, Russell has given his new, reconstituted band a slightly different name to avoid confusion with the old group — Great White, featuring Jack Russell. “Right now I think the biggest misconception is that I’m not ready to go back on the road… (but) you can tell I’m not crippled here. The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I’m lucid. I’m sober. I feel great. I am ready to go back on the road. Once people see me on stage, they’ll go, ‘Oh, well, there you go’.”

Jack Russell’s Great White, with guitarists Robby Lochner and Matthew Johnson, bassist Dario Seixas and drummer Derrick Pontier, are about to headline the ‘America Rocks Tour’ with Faster Pussycat, the BulletBoys, Pretty Boy Floyd and Lillian Axe. Tour dates will be announced soon.

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