Gregg Fulkerson Remembered By Suncity Records Founder


April 18, 2009

Suncity Records founder/owner David Moors, who released Blue Tears’ ‘Mad, Bad & Dangerous’ and ‘Dancin’ On The Back Streets’ CDs, posted the following tribute to recently departed vocalist Gregg Fulkerson at

“Hello Everyone,

News in overnight of the devastating passing of Gregg Fulkerson.

We have been in touch with Gregg’s family who sadly confirmed with us Gregg passed away in his sleep. At this stage there is no more news on the cause of his death.

Gregg Fulkerson Remembered By Suncity Records Founder

This terrible news has shocked everyone here at Suncity Records as Gregg became a very good personal friend of us, he was the most humble, kind, talented person that we have ever came across while working at Suncity Records.

It was Gregg and his band Blue Tears that really put Suncity Records on the map and for that we are forever indebted to him. Our thoughts go out to his family who he loved so much and most importantly he son Carter who he thought the world of.

Please take a moment and listen to one of Gregg’s masterpieces featured below and just remember what a great singer/songwriter the melodic rock world has lost.

Gregg was only 44.”

Blue Tears – The Last Serenade MP3

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