Grimm Jack release “A Christmas Cheer” video

Grimm Jack release “A Christmas Cheer” video

New York rockers Grimm Jack consisting of lead vocalist Billy Kohout, guitarists Jimmie Mack and Joey Masters, and bassist GG Zen-Carten and drummer Jimmy Mcclain have released a video for their holiday track “A Christmas Cheer.”

Mcclain did not appear in the video and provided the following explanation via Facebook earlier today (with slight edits):

“I want to wish my brothers of Grimm Jack and all the GRIMMERS out there

Merry Christmas

And the reason I was not on the new Christmas video, I had to get shoulder surgery done, but all I have to say is I will see all of you on stage in 2021 with the best musicians ever. And I truly can’t wait to meet all you crazy ass Grimmers, you guys and gals are what makes the music.

Let the hurricane begin”

Grimm Jack‘s “A Christmas Cheer” video: