Grimm Jack release lyric video for new single “Hang Down”

Grimm Jack release lyric video for new single “Hang Down”

New York rockers Grimm Jack consisting of lead vocalist Billy Kohout, guitarists Jimmie Mack and Joey Masters, and bassist GG Zen-Carten and drummer Jimmy Mcclain have released a lyric video for their new single “Hang Down.”

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Mack revealed what the new single “Hang Down” is about when he stated: “The track is about meeting someone new that you can’t get out of your mind after being with someone that almost destroyed you. Hard to move on to something good with the fear of the bad relationship still haunting you.”

In terms of what prompted Grimm Jack to release a new single / lyric video at this time, Mack indicated: “We were in the middle of recording a full album last year when the virus reared its ugly head. The studio shut down. We were so happy with the results that we didn’t want to go anywhere else so we waited it out and worked on more songs. Now we are back in business and are recording the last three tracks. Our drummer had shoulder surgery so Rob Noxious from Killcode did the session for us. Very cool of them to lend us Rob! We really wanted something new out there for our fans until the album is finished.”

When it was pointed out that Grimm Jack‘s last studio album Thick As Thieves dates back to August 2015, Mack commented: “That long? Really? We know it has been forever. Since Thieves, our lead guitarist Tom Lestat left the band. He is still a great friend and supplies us with a new riff every so often. We were very lucky and found Joey Masters in short order! It still takes time for a new member to settle in. Tom was a member since the mid ’80s so we all had an adjustment period. Joey has turned out to be a God send. He’s a great songwriter as well as a great player. Then.. the studio where we recorded Thieves moved to a new location. We laid down some basic tracks there but it just wasn’t working. Months passed… Then our video director Steve Sage introduced us to Bob Stander. Bob has a long list of accomplishments and several Grammy Awards. Bob really has the songs buttoned down tight and pulled the best performances out of us. We believe it is our best album to date. New songs include the Motörhead inspired “Knife Fight”, “Devil In Her Veins”, “Ultra Violet” and “The Land of Milk & Honey.” We can’t wait to release it!”

With respect to Grimm Jack‘s plans for the rest of the year, Mack stated: “Releasing more singles and finally the full album. Live shows are finally starting up again so we are looking forward to performing. Joey and Tom have a YouTube show every Sunday night called MRG which stands for Musings, Rants, And Guitars. It started out as a show about guitars, amps and pedals. When Covid locked down live music, many notable rockers appeared on the program. We are hoping to hook up with some of those great bands for some big shows!”

Grimm Jack‘s “Hang Down” lyric video: