Grimm Jack release new single “Lonely”

Grimm Jack release new single “Lonely”

New York rockers Grimm Jack featuring lead vocalist Billy Kohout, guitarists Jimmie Mack and Joey Masters, and bassist GG Zen-Carten have released a new single titled “Lonely.”

Tomorrow night (on November 27, 2021), Grimm Jack will be taking the stage at the Lindenhurst Village Pub in Lindenhurst, New York, USA with none other than Killcode band member Rob Noxious on the drums.

Noxious posted part of the following message on Facebook earlier today: (with slight edits):


I first must say Grimm Jack and Craving Strange have always been HUGE supporters of my little band :::KILLCODE:::. From sharing the stage on many important shows to just being brothers who cheer one another on and push one another to be the best we can be and just KEEP GOING!!!

Tomorrow night I get to PAY BACK again. On pretty much last minute notice, I will be filling in on drums for Grimm Jack sharing the stage with the one and only Craving Strange. This time, I also get to perform some songs I recorded on the NEW Grimm Jack album. These songs have yet to be released. So this will be a sneak peek. #theshowmustgoon

Grimm Jack‘s “Lonely” single:

Grimm Jack‘s “Christmas Cheer” video: