Grimm Jack release video for acoustic version of new track “Crazy”

Grimm Jack release video for acoustic version of new track “Crazy”

New York rockers Grimm Jack have released a video for their acoustic version of their new song “Crazy.” A plugged in version of the song will appear on the group’s upcoming new album. Guitarist Jimmie Mack advised Sleaze Roxx that Grimm Jack were halfway through the recording of their upcoming record when the Coronavirus pandemic hit New York state.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Grimm Jack‘s last studio album Thick As Thieves:

Grimm Jack‘s Thick As Thieves is a diverse and rocking collection of songs that includes the three tracks that were on the group’s 2012 EP Damned. While some people may scoff at having tracks re-appear on a subsequent release, if you have not yet picked up Damned, just be glad that all three tracks from that EP are included on Thick As Thieves because all three songs are just sooooo good! The KISS classic — I mean Grimm Jack‘s “Last Call” — will take you back to the ’70s in a heartbeat. Grimm Jack‘s cover of Neil Young‘s penned “Ohio” is so good and fits so nicely with the rest of the tracks on Thick As Thieves that you might think that Grimm Jack actually wrote the song themselves. “Damned” is just a raunchy rocker with a cool groove to it.

So what about the rest of the songs on Thick As Thieves? Well, in a nutshell, they really rock while providing some nice variety. The contrast between frontman Billy Kohout‘s raspy whisky soaked voice, the great guitar riffs and old school soloing, and the strong backbone rhythm section of drummer Dave Leeds and new bassist GG Zen-Garten make for some fun rock and roll. “Rotten To The Core — which is featured in a video — gets the party going very quickly and is just a fun rocking song. “Sex Drive” starts off with a cool riff before slowing down to a snail’s pace before kicking right back at an amazing fury with some nice harmonica touches from Kohout. After a little foreplay, “She Moves Me” pretty much explodes in your face. Certain portions of “Girl Like You” take me back to the glory days of Alice Cooper back in the ’70s. I could keep going song by song but I’ll stop there. You get the picture. I really like Grimm Jack‘s Thick As Thieves!”

Grimm Jack‘s “Crazy” (acoustic version) video:

Grimm Jack – Crazy

Grimm Jack Crazy – acoustic quarantine mixAn acoustic version of “Crazy” which will be released on a full studio version on our upcoming CD release in 2020….