Grimm Jack To Begin Recording New Studio Album

Grimm Jack To Begin Recording New Studio Album

February 29, 2012

Grimm Jack To Begin Recording New Studio AlbumGrimm Jack celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary in 2010 by releasing the full-length version of ‘Partners In Crime: Accessory After The Fact’, playing live dates, writing, and recording new material. Testing the waters with 2012’s three song EP ‘Damned’, Grimm Jack is now ready to get back into the studio and work on their first studio album since 1990’s ‘Jailhouse Tattoo’.

Guitarist Jimmie Mack tells, “We will be returning to Freedom Of Speech Studios in March to work on a full album. Some of the new songs, which we feel are as good as or better than ‘Damned’, are “She Moves Me”, “Every Cowgirl Has Dirty Nails”, “Outlaw”, “One Night” and “Sex Drive”. We may include some of the songs from the ‘Damned’ EP for economic reasons, but no additional cover songs are planned at this time. Our drummer Dave says “Sex Drive” is a ‘New York Dolls rip-off’ — I really don’t hear it, but I will certainly take it as a compliment!”

The Grimm Jack story began in 1985 with guitarist Jimmie Mack and drummer Dave Leeds, two Long Island rockers who joined forces to create a contemporary rock band with an edge. Throughout the years they would release the ‘Go For Your Guns’, ‘Partners In Crime’ and ‘Jailhouse Tattoo’ EPs before drifting apart in the mid ’90s.

In late 2009, Grimm Jack co-founder Jimmie Mack began working with singer Billy Kohout (who originally joined the band in 1988) with the idea of releasing material recorded several years earlier that was never made public. It wasn’t long before Mack and Kohout realized that Grimm Jack wasn’t just about the music, but about the musicians themselves, and most importantly — the countless fans who have kept that music alive for nearly twenty years. With the return of Dave Leeds and guitarist Tom Lestat four-fifths of the classic ‘Jailhouse Tattoo’ line-up were back, complimented by new bassist G.G. Zen-Garten.

January 13th saw the release of ‘Damned’, an EP that can be purchased at and

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