Grind Cat Grind release debut self-titled album

Grind Cat Grind release debut self-titled album

Grind Cat Grind CD cover 2Denver, Colorado, USA based Grind Cat Grind released their debut self-titled album back in early March of this year.

The group had a CD release party at the Buffalo Rose Bar & Grill in Golden, Colorado, USA on March 5, 2016 and made the following post on its Facebook page the next day in that regard:

“Once again we are in complete awe of the overwhelming love and support we were given last night for our CD release party at the Buffalo Rose in Golden!!!!! Our hearts go out to everyone of you who came out to support us or who have been there at any of our shows!!! We feed off of you!! The love you guys give us is felt in every molecule and cell in our bodies!!!! The show was such a great success, we can’t begin to thank you all enough!!! A special shout out to the whole family at WolfPack Productions especially Jim Chapman and Anthony Lucero for putting this show on!! The Buffalo Rose for making us feel at home and welcomed, our comrades Lords of Distortion and Sin Fix for an incredible night of music!! So honored to share the stage with these bands!!!! If you didn’t get a chance to last night, buy their CD’s, they rock!! A special thank you to Tommy Harrison, formally of the Dogs Of Pleasure for flying out from Florida to share this night with us! To think gcg just started this journey together 14 months ago and where we’ve come in that short amount of time warms our hearts, and we owe it all to you people, our fans!! We love you!!! An dying thank you!!!!!…”

Grind Cat Grind‘s bio on their Facebook site succinctly states: “Raw, In your face, Heavy, Pure Rock n Roll!! Killer riffs, and Vocals make this Sleazy new band outta Denver one that is getting instant recognition!!!”

Track List for Grind Cat Grind:
01. Take Me to the Zoo
02. Carpet Your Neighbors
03. Slide Action
04. Servants In The Weather
05. Pan Am
06. Catherine Wheel
07. The Mattress Always Knows
08. I Have Seen Things (I Can’t Unsee)
09. Crack In My Head


Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO March 26, 2016