Guernica Mancini reveals it’s been a “very bumpy ride” but also a beautiful one in Thundermother

Guernica Mancini reveals it’s been a “very bumpy ride” but also a beautiful one in Thundermother

Former Thundermother lead vocalist Guernica Mancini was just interviewed by Jimmy Kay for Canada’s The Metal Voice. Mancini was recently fired from Thundermother by guitarist Filippa Nässil. Drummer Emlee Johansson and bassist Mona Lindgren decided to leave Thundermother and form a new band with Mancini rather than continue with Nässil in Thundermother. While Nässil simply released a statement that Thundermother was continuing with new members, Mancini, Johansson and Lindgren released a statement explaining their side of what occurred for them to no longer be in the band.

On whether she had a vibe that things were not going right in the band prior to being fired, Mancini revealed (as provided by The Metal Voice with slight edits): “It’s a tough question to answer. I would say it like this. It’s never been great for me. And it’s been a tough six years but  regardless of that I don’t regret anything. I’ve still had amazing experiences with the band and yeah I wouldn’t take anything back because I’ve grown and I’ve become the singer that I am and there’s so many positives to that. So even though it has been a very bumpy ride, I still think that it’s been a beautiful ride.”

In terms of how come she is no longer in the band, Mancini indicated: “Our statement said it all, really. I don’t think anyone will ever hear the real story ever. I mean unless I release a biography in 10 years or something.”

Mancini was also asked how she feels about Johansson and Lindgren quitting Thundermother to join her to which she replied: “It does make me feel [great] but I also felt really guilty because I knew the opportunities that they were giving up because of this but they had their own reasons. They did this completely on their own and the problems that we’ve had in the band they they’re not just something that is between her [Filippa Nässil] and I.  It’s like something that’s been brewing and been there always. So when when this happened they [other bandmates] also felt that it was very disrespectful towards them being that they believed that we were a democracy and that we had a say in these things.

She [Filippa] did more or less tell them ‘I want to do this and I’ve already found a new singer’ and that’s when Emlee just said ‘I don’t want to play with another singer and if you’re going to go ahead and do this, I’m going to leave the band.’ And that’s what she did and Mona felt the same way. I love them and I’m forever grateful. I also feel like I’m so blessed and honestly, I’m so incredibly grateful that  they are my new band. They are the two that I enjoy working with and I have so much fun with them and we already had two songwriting days and we had just so much fun and it was drama free. It was a dream and it was just like this is what a band is supposed to be. I’m really grateful that we have something that we get to continue playing together.”

You can listen to the interview with Guernica Mancini on The Metal Voice below:

Thundermother‘s “Loud And Free” video (from Black And Gold album):