Guitar Theft Ends In Poison Experience


March 27, 2008

Having his guitar stolen at the Rock 2 Wellington concert was not all bad for Kara Gordon, who ended up performing with Poison’s back up.

The Birkdale musician was one of six winners of the Riff to Wellington competition who opened for big name artists such as Kiss and Ozzy Osbourne over Easter weekend.

Kara was less than impressed when his new Yamaha guitar that he had won was stolen from its stand just before he was due to play.

Covered in mirrors, the guitar was one of six decorated by Weta Workshop for the event.

But Kara’s cloud of misfortune had a silver lining. He was offered none other than Poison guitarist CC De Ville’s Gibson Les Paul.

“I thought this is so rock ‘n roll,” Kara says.

Eager for his six minutes of fame, the competition winner used his own shirt as a strap when he found that Poison’s spare guitar didn’t have one.

He says he managed to make a show of the shirt coming undone from the guitar near the end, lifting the guitar above his head as he played to rapturous applause, he says.

He even ended up hanging out with the likes of CC De Ville, Kiss and Zakk Wylde after his performance, he says.

To top it off, he also met film directer Peter Jackson and writer and producer Fran Walsh who promised him a new guitar, he says.

Kara is now set to perform with his band the KGT at The King’s Shilling in Birkenhead tomorrow at 8pm.

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