Guitarist Benny Rhynedance hints that WildSide original line-up reunion will never happen

Guitarist Benny Rhynedance hints that WildSide original line-up reunion will never happen

WildSide are widely regarded as having released an excellent debut album titled Under The Influence back in 1992 followed by a very disappointing grunge sounding sophomore self-titled effort in 1995.

The Los Angeles, California band’s line-up for the debut album was Drew Hannah on lead vocals, Brent Woods and Benny Rhynedance on guitars, Marc Simon on bass and Jimmy D. on drums. Woods and Rhynedance did not play on the band’s sophomore self-titled record.

Woods is likely the best known out of that line-up given that he subsequently played with Vince Neil‘s solo band and he has been playing for many years in Sebastian Bach‘s solo group.

Sleaze Roxx posted an article yesterday titled “Sebastian Bach to play ‘Slave To The Grind’ album in its entirety during one of two shows at Whisky” and one Sleaze Roxx reader posted a seemingly humorous comment via Facebook stating:

“Just heard they are adding a 3rd night where Sebastian and his band will be playing the B-side ourselves EP in its entirety. Since it’s only an E.P.’s worth of tunes Brent Woods will be playing some tunes from his former band Wildside‘s debut album “Under The Influence” along with his former Wildside bandmates from such era, including Benny Rhyne Drew Rose … J/k.. One can only dream, right. ?”

Rhyne [Rhynedance] responded with the following comment seemingly dashing cold water on any possible hope of a WildSide original line-up reunion: “Sounds more like a WildSide nightmare! hahaa… that ship sailed, and sunk miserably about 10 feet from the dock…”

Back in January 2017, the Hair Metal Heaven Festival in Hull, UK announced that WildSide would be performing at its inaugural event from August 25 to 27, 2017. WildSide never ended up performing at the Hair Metal Heaven Festival and provided the following explanation via their Facebook account on August 27, 2017:

“So… no WildSide at HULL Hair Metal Heaven Festival today. False reports have been coming in about the band. Drew Rosenfeld personally reported that the whole band didn’t even fly to UK, and never was booked to do the show… EVER.

Guitarist Brent Woods is/was originally scheduled to appear at HULL in an all-star jam band w Sebastian Bach. George Lynch, Vinny Appice and others. Woods attempted to get WildSide onto the bill w/ a daytime opening slot.

UPDATE : Drew and the rest of the guys are at home in L.A. hanging around the pool, and the band never even got on a plane saying they weren’t booked and cancelled the gig 6 weeks ago. Even though The Festival has been advertising the band as on the bill for many many months.”

WildSide‘s “Hang On Lucy” video (from Under The Influence album):

Wildside – Hang On Lucy 1992 [Best Audio Quality]

Wildside – Hang On Lucy OFFICIAL video clip with the best audio in Youtube and lyrics !!LyricsStandin on the corner, looking like some Hollywood queenSellin’…