Guitarist Brandon Cook reveals getting Covid-19 and thinks got it in city where Black ‘N Blue played a gig

Guitarist Brandon Cook reveals getting Covid-19 and thinks got it in city where Black ‘N Blue played a gig

Guitarist Brandon Cook is the latest musician to have tested positive for Covid-19 and he believes that he picked up the virus either at Kansas City, Missouri, USA or on the way there to play a gig at The Scene K.C. Rock Bar with Black ‘N Blue on August 15, 2020. The good news is that Cook appears to have successfully overcome his Covid-19 related symptoms.

Black ‘N Blue apparently played two shows around that period of time. One gig was at the First on First Dickinson Summer Nights in Dickinson, North Dakota, USA on August 13, 2020. That location made headlines around the world last month when Great White played a concert there on July 9, 2020 where social distancing was apparently not implemented. The other gig was at The Scene K.C. Rock Bar in Kansas City, Missouri, USA on August 15, 2020.

The following message was posted on Cook‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Hello Portland. As some of you may have heard, I tested positive for Covid 19. I’m not exactly sure where or when I picked up coronavirus but I did. I have not been driving Uber for well over a month because my car had broken down and because DMV has been backed up, I haven’t received my registration. I’ve either been at home or the gym or hanging with my kiddo. I can only assume that I got it in Kansas City or on the way there via air travel though air travel is unlikely because we were all wearing masks in the plane and airport.

When I came home, I went directly into quarantine. I contacted as many people that I had been in contact with that i could think of, got tested and did three rounds of contact tracing. Then, I got busy getting better. I hadn’t been in contact with many people on my friends list for months and months, seen hide nor hair of them, so since I didn’t want to scare the crap out of anyone needlessly, I kept my mouth quiet until i had some facts, and a little mental clarity.

I had high fever, really nasty body aches and some digestive problems. Since I have pretty nasty acid reflux, these symptoms didn’t seem too out of character, but as they got worse I noticed they were different.

I’m sure people have a lot to say about this. I’m going to ask that people with a bone to pick remain on the sidelines. If you’re not directly involved in this situation…meaning you weren’t at the shows or somehow directly had contact with me during the time that i had COVID-19, I’d prefer if you temper your responses. If you attack me or anyone in my circle, I will delete the remark. Repeated offenses will be blocked.

I had to make a decision about this. We contacted promotors and as time went on, contacted the people that came to the show.

I have spoken to my doctors. I’m free to leave quarantine today. I’m allowed to do as everyone else does. Social distance and wear a mask. The only difference is: I’m immune for 3 months from Covid-19.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments please feel free to DM me directly. If you have attacks or accusations, I will likely not be answering them.

All my best to you. Hope you understand why I made the decisions I did. Peace.”