Guitarist Brent Muscat will not be playing upcoming Japan tour dates with Alley Cats LV

Guitarist Brent Muscat will not be playing upcoming Japan tour dates with Alley Cats LV

Former Faster Pussycat and Sin City Sinners, and current Saints Of Las Vegas and Alley Cats LV, guitarist Brent Muscat has announced that he will not be joining his Alley Cats LV bandmates — guitarist Takashi O’Hashi (ex-Cats In Boots), singer/bassist Zach Throne and drummer Stephen Mills — during their upcoming Japan tour in January 2018. This is on the heels of Alley Cats LV having just released a new single titled “Speed Racing Superstar” back in late October 2017 and a debut full-length album on the way in 2018.

The following message was posted on Alley Cats LV‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Dear Alley Cats LV fans:

This is Brent, and I wanted to announce this myself: I will not be performing in Japan in January with the band.

First, I want tell all my friends and fans in Japan how much I appreciate you. All of you are so kind and caring. I love my fans, friends and Japan so much! Second, I am very proud of Alley Cats LV and the music Takashi, Stephen, Zach and I have created. And I love performing with them.

However, this recent trip to Japan was very hard for me mentally. And doing a back to back tour would cause more stress for me, which I don’t want to have. I also want to spend more time with my family and friends in Las Vegas and take care of my businesses here.

I hope that you will continue to support Takashi, Stephen and Zach, and I hope to reunite with them sometime in the future.

I also hope you can come visit me in Las Vegas and stay at Casa de Muscat or Muscat Manor!

Thank you for all your support!


Alley Cats LV recently played a number of shows in Japan throughout the month of November 2017.

Alley Cats LV performing “Speed Racing Supertar” at DUCE in Sapporo, Japan on November 12, 2017:

ALLEY CATS LV / Speed Racing Superstar -Live at DUCE,Sapporo,Japan Nov. 12,2017

ALLEY CATS LV/ Speed Racing Superstar-Live at DUCE,Sapporo,Japan Nov. 12,2017ACE & TAKASHI O’HASHI Presents2017″RISE”ROCK&ROLL!!face to ace & ALLEY CATS LV