Guitarist Britt Lightning hopes Vixen will release at least a few singles by the end of the year

Photo by Joe Schaeffer Photography

Guitarist Britt Lightning hopes Vixen will release at least a few singles by the end of the year

Vixen guitarist Britt Lightning was recently interviewed on the Tulsa Music Stream podcast. Lightning was asked whether Vixen were working on a new album to which she stated (as provided by the Tulsa Music Stream podcast with slight edits):

“We are still working on it. You know, Covid has kind of just put a little wrench in our plans because we like to all get together in person and we live all over the country on different four corners of the States. So getting together has been tough but we’ve been sending a lot of stuff back and forth, and I hope to have at least a few singles done with everybody by the end of the year. We hope to record something, if not the full album by the end of the year. Definitely a couple of singles so that’s that’s the plan so far and this would be the first Vixen album in over a decade.”

In terms of her degree in music business and some of the pitfalls to watch out for in that industry, Lightning opined: “Sure, so I mean I started off getting that degree unwillingly. I grew up in Boston, so I wanted to go to Berklee School [College] of Music naturally and you know study guitar, but my parents thought that was not a great idea. They were not into it. They’re not musicians and they ran their own business so they were like ‘You need — if you’re going to be like paying to go to school, you need to get a real degree.’ That’s what they said — ‘real degree.’ Sorry for everybody watching this. I do believe that a guitar degree is also a real degree but they were like ‘You need a backup plan basically.’ And they were like, ‘You know, Jimi Hendrix.’ Exactly what my Dad said. That’s a direct quote. ‘Did Jimi Hendrix go to Berklee?’ And I said ‘No’…. ‘Then you’re not going to Berklee. If you’re going to be a rock star, you’ll figure it out.’

Yeah, so anyways, I ended up going to Northeastern and I chose that school because they just started a music industry program, which I thought was really cool. And they had a co-op program so I started working. You do like one semester of work and so I worked for Live Nation as a booking assistant. So that helped me learn a lot too from that angle. And I think one of the most important classes that I took was Copyright Law, and it was a whole law class basically. People think you don’t need to understand contracts and stuff like that when you’re a musician because managers or somebody else will do it but you need to understand all of that and I think that is huge. I mean, just even when you go in, if you’re filming something, you’re just got to read what you’re signing. You got to understand legal language. I think that was huge, then that’s been a big help.”

You can listen to the interview with Vixen guitarist Britt Lightning on the Tulsa Music Stream below (interview starts at 10:39 mark):