Guitarist Casey Tremont provides Shokker highlights without mentioning ex-singer Rachl Quinn

Guitarist Casey Tremont provides Shokker highlights without mentioning ex-singer Rachl Quinn

You would think that mentioning the lead vocalist on a band’s two albums would be worth including in a recap of the highlights of a group’s history but Shokker co-founder and guitarist Casey Tremont was able to provide his highlights of the last ten years including of his band Shokker without mentioning the group’s former singer Rachl “Raxx” Quinn. The female singer handled the lead vocals on Shokker‘s debut self-titled EP (2015) and full-length album III (2017) before departing the band while citing “personal reasons” in July 2018. Of note, Tremont did not mention any of the other lead vocalists during the course of Shokker‘s history.

The following message was posted in part on Tremont‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Wow! 2020 already! What a decade it has been! Many ups and many downs. Where do I even begin? Lets see (warning: Long post and probably a boring one to many), 2010 was the year that I reconnected with my compadre for life Jorey Wvs Guillermo joining my old band as a bass player. Valentine’s Day 2011 was the year it all really started. After splitting up my 1st band, the beginnings of Shokker were formed and planned in a local Dunkin Donuts. We also made our 1st recordings then (LONG out of print, sorry folks), and we found our rehearsal space later that year. 2012 saw our first year of heavy gigging and lots and lots of very hard work! It was also sad because I had tragically lost my Grandpa Paul Rizzo. RIP Grandpa. I will forever love and miss you!

By 2013 we had a slightly different lineup and continued to build up the fire. 2014 was a big year. We had finally figured out what we really wanted to do musically. I also had joined (whilst full time in Shokker) my buddies Brian Durbin, Nicholas Pappas, Bass player Johnny Rox and later on, bassist Axel K Gessner‘ band Loveblast and played all over and opened up some huge shows! 2015 saw another milestone! Shokker released the debut E.P (Out of print, sorry folks) and Loveblast (with Jorey filling in on bass) went on a long tour with the legendary Faster Pussycat all over the country! I left them later that year because they had found their permanent guitarist. Thank you guys in Loveblast for the memories and great times! Love you guys!

2016 was even a bigger year with my other metal compadre Dan Dacz (replacing founding drummer Ben Silverman) joining the fold as our new drummer! Was an instant fit! We really began to establish ourselves as a legit heavy metal band by then. We began travelling all over and meeting some great friends and bands for life! We also recorded our debut (Full length) album III! 2017 was a monumental year for us! It started off with the release of III and things went uphill from there! We then got the opportunity to open up for our heroes (I.E Queensryche, Y&T, Saxon, Manilla Road, Warrant, and countless other local and national artists). We had also gotten some insane festival gigs and were getting worldwide recognition by online magazines and online radio!

Things changed again in 2018 with the addition of guitarist George Sizos and we finally found our true sound and niche! 2019 was a year of many things (good and bad) both personally and professionally for me. I finally got a good job that I’m still with, I finally am starting to figure my future out and am making lifelong plans, and writing killer new songs! In addition to that, my wonderful Aunt Denise Green fought (AND WON) breast cancer. Congratulations, Denise! You did it! Needless to say that this decade was a wild ride! Let the 20’s continue to take me on that wild ride!

I would like to dedicate this post to some very important people that are sadly no longer with us. Paul Armin, Glen Dobbs, Stewart Chernoff, Bob Hilton, “Front Row” Joe, Brit Becker, and Mike Ledbetter, you all will be forever missed! Happy New Year everyone! Let’s make the 20’s rock!!! Hope all your wishes and goals come true! I wish you all good health and give lots of love! Love you all! Let’s make our dreams happen this decade!!!”

Shokker‘s “Adrenaline” video:

SHOKKER Adrenaline Video

SHOKKER – “Adrenaline” Video