Guitarist Dakota Denman announces “we are not a band anymore”

Guitarist Dakota Denman announces “we are not a band anymore”

Denman and Fade To Black (Metallica tribute band) guitarist Dakota Denman made a rather sad announcement a few days ago (on February 23, 2022) as he declared on his Facebook account:

“Hi everybody. I Just wanted to hop on here with a quick update. I’ve been getting asked a lot lately when our band is going to start playing again. The honest answer is, we are not a band anymore, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. With that being said, Im ready to have fun again playing guitar. If anyone is interested in getting an 80’s cover thing going to play downtown (or anywhere really), please comment or dm me. Looking to just have some fun playing music again. Thanks for all the support you’ve given us over the last few years.”

Dakota Denman along with his brother Ben Denman (lead vocals and guitar), Robbie Krede (bass) and Ted Karol (drums) have released one EP (The Life We Live in 2017) and one full-length album (Raw Deal in 2019) as Denman. Three of the four musicians also have played as Metallica tribute band Fade To Blackened.

Sleaze Roxx reached out to Dakota Denman to confirm whether he was referring to Denman in his Facebook post on February 23rd but the guitarist has yet to reply.

Denman‘s last band related post on their Facebook account dates back to March 9, 2020 when the group was promoting the Ballroom Blitz Festival, which was to take place in Glen Burnie, Maryland, USA on March 20 and 21, 2020. Due to the Covid pandemic, the Ballroom Blitz Festival ended up getting postponed on two occasions before changing to become the BLE Masquerade Festival (but without Denman in the line-up).

Denman‘s “Gunslinger” video:

Fade To Blackened Promo video: