Guitarist Daniel Dekay states that Priya Panda “invited” him to take part in Diemonds’ latest video

Guitarist Daniel Dekay states that Priya Panda “invited” him to take part in Diemonds’ latest video

More question marks surround Canadian sleaze rockers Diemonds‘ line-up as guitarist Daniel Dekay posted a Facebook message earlier today indicating that he was “invited” to take part in Diemonds‘ latest video for the track “Our Song.”

Dekay‘s Facebook message earlier today states:

“NEW DIEMONDS VIDEO + bonus rant

the most fun die-related thing i’ve done in a long time. set deep in the middle of sandpit nowheresville in a heavy dreamlike trance, this video has it all: priya crawling through the desert soaking wet, air jordan jumping guitar solos, & enough mangos to feed an entire village. we got so baked on top of those mountains, ate all the snacks, laughed hysterically, and got one hell of a workout miming that song for what felt like 100 repetitions. a massive thank you to everyone involved in making this video happen, it truly was the epitome of a team effort start to finish…especially when everyone else had to keep tabs on us 3 stoners wandering through this mysterious wasteland of a set. i’m stoked that in light of all the tomfoolery bullshit surrounding the last year of this band that priya asked me to be a part of this video AND that she slapped my old bass around her neck for the shoot. we have reached our final form that we always dreamed of: CRUCIAL TAUNT. love y’all thanks for reading/watching, give’r a share if you dig. puff puff pass it on and MAYBE even see you someday somewhere out on the road playing these songs again

Questions regarding Diemonds‘ line-up have surfaced in the last two months.

In early August of this year, Panda revealed in an interview to Sleaze Roxx that due to “massive interpersonal” issues, Dekay had not played on Diemondslatest self-titled studio album. Panda further advised that Dekay was still part of the band and the line-up that played on the new album with her was C.C. Diemond on guitar, Tyrone Buccione on bass and Kyle Lecourt on drums.

Earlier this month, Diemonds released a video for “Our Song” which featured Panda (with a bass), Dekay and Lecourt. Buccione and C.C. Diemond were notably absent from the video. In a Facebook post earlier this week, Panda suggested that people should ask Buccione and C.C. Diemond why they weren’t part of the new video.

Diemonds‘ “Our Song” video (from the album Diemonds):


OUR SONG taken from DIEMONDS Available online everywhere. Directed by: Skye Sweetnam This project is funded in part by FACTOR, the Governmentof Canada and Ca…

Diemonds‘ “Livin’ Tonight” video (from the album The Bad Pack):

Diemonds – Livin’ Tonight

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