Guitarist Gus G states that Ozzy doesn’t need to do another album and has nothing to prove to anyone

Guitarist Gus G states that Ozzy doesn’t need to do another album and has nothing to prove to anyone

Former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G was recently interviewed by Andrew Catania for All That Shreds and spoke about being a hired gun for the Black Sabbath frontman.

In terms of his talents being better showcased in his own band Firewind than with Ozzy, Gus G indicated:

“I know what you mean. The thing is, given the circumstances and the time and age where I joined Ozzy’s band, and even with the fans, I think a lot of the fans felt, divided, as it always is, so you know, especially with such a vast, legendary artist like that, everybody’s got their favorite eras and “this guy’s better than that,” and of course with the guitar playing position there is a hierarchy and of course I come in pretty low on the list, obviously. It’s interesting. But at this stage and age, I don’t think Ozzy is going to sit down and write like he uses to go back on the ’80s with somebody. You know, it’s a different thing now. There are a lot of people around him, and I think the fact that I was not in LA the whole time didn’t help my situation, either.

I was never really comfortable being in the role of a hired gun being in that band. It’s great having a front row seat at doing things at this level, one of the world’s biggest rock bands, I realized, like you said, maybe that’s why a lot of people got the feeling that I’m better off doing “My’ thing, even if its on a much smaller scale. I think I showcase my musicianship and my talent better, doing my thing. It was a great experience. It opened up so many doors, and it’s hard to imagine. I think had I had the chance to write something, then it would have been fucking awesome. I told him many times, to go back to the roots, like the first two or three albums. Going back to the 80’s style. I know I’m good at that. I know I could have come up with some killer riffs. But honestly, I’ll go back to what I said in the beginning, Ozzy doesn’t need to do another album. He doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. He has given us so many classic songs, so it’s all good.  I got to play on a record with him. It’s awesome. Not many people get to say that. So, it’s all good man.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Gus G at All That Shreds‘ website.