Guitarist Harry Cody reveals Shotgun Messiah were close to some kind of reunion before Covid hit

Guitarist Harry Cody reveals Shotgun Messiah were close to some kind of reunion before Covid hit

Shotgun Messiah guitarist Harry Cody granted a rare interview to Andrew DiCecco at Vinyl Writer Music.

The Swedish group released three studio albums of original material — Shotgun Messiah (1989), Second Coming (1991) and Violent New Breed (1993) — with Zinny Zan handling the lead vocals on the first album and bassist Tim Skold taking over the singer duties for the last two records.

Zan was interviewed by Andrew DiCecco for Vinyl Writer Music. about one and a half months ago during which time he revealed that he had been in discussions about reuniting the original Shotgun Messiah line-up about 2.5 years ago.

Cody was asked whether he thought that there could be a Shotgun Messiah reunion at some point to which he indicated: “If it is, it’s gonna be Tim and I. And if it is, then it will probably involve a new album. I don’t see us just going out, playing the greatest hits, and drinking beer. It’s not gonna be that kind of a tour. If we do something, there will probably be a new album involved. Then we go out and we gig, and we see if there’s any interest in that.”

On whether they have ever been close to doing a Shotgun Messiah reunion, Cody revealed: “Yeah. I think we came in on the bus just before COVID. COVID was on the next bus behind us. So, that killed whatever chances there were of us assembling a band, starting rehearsals, going on tour. But that was definitely being discussed, and it’s just kind of on hold now. I don’t know how Tim feels about it, I know he’s kept busy since, but I’m still holding out hope that if COVID goes away soon enough — it would be fun just to go out, and at least offer the opportunity to all the people who never got to see us back then, or who saw us thirty years ago, and really, really wanna see some more. The YouTube comments and the stuff online never really went away, amazingly. There are still people talking about Shotgun, and wanting to hear me play, and all this. So, yeah, it would be fun to give them the opportunity and see what that will do.”

Back in April 2020, Sleaze Roxx had reported that talent agency Dynamic Talent International had indicated that Cody and Skold would be reuniting as Shotgun Messiah.

You can read the rest of the interview with Harry Cody at Vinyl Writer Music‘s website.