Guitarist Jens Lundgren thinks that none of the Crazy Lixx members are inspired by “sleaze” type rock

Guitarist Jens Lundgren thinks that none of the Crazy Lixx members are inspired by “sleaze” type rock

The Crazy Lixx band members Danny Rexon (lead vocals), Jens Lundgren (guitar), Joél Cirera (drums), Jens Anderson (bass) and Chrisse Olsson (guitar) were recently interviewed by Stefan Nilsson for Roppongi Rocks.

Lundgren and Rexon described the Crazy Lixx sound during the interview. Lundgren stated: “It’s a mix of where we all come from and what we listen to. This is the sound that we want, kind of end of the 80s, the big productions.” He added: “I don’t think any of us is inspired by sleaze. That’s almost a little dirty word. I think it’s more melodic hard rock. More Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Whitesnake rather than Pretty Boy Floyd!”

Rexon indicated: “We try to position ourselves 30 years back in time, and it’s ’89 we’re at now.” He also added: “I do like the somewhat negative term ‘hair metal’. Many of those bands around 1989-91 produced a lot of great stuff. That’s where we’re trying to be sound-wise.”

Rexon and Cirera explained the importance of Swedish producer and current Pretty Maids keyboardist Chris Laney to the band’s sound. Rexon stated (with slight edit): “One of the first sounds I reacted to the Zan Clan album which Chris Laney produced. It wasn’t until we came into contact with him that I feel we started to create something that sounded decent. We had done a few demos before that. Was it in 2005 that he mixed the ‘Heroes are Forever’ single? That was recorded somewhere else and then we sent it to him. It was around the same time that he started to produce Crashdïet. That’s when we felt – that’s the sound we want! It’s the same sound that he has used with Zinny Zan and such. There was a revival of sorts. I think he has been really important when it comes to the sound of the Swedish bands that appeared around that time.”

Cirera continued: “He lifts us. He takes whatever is there and lifts it. He produced our first two albums together with Danny. We used to work with him over a longer time period. Going up to Stockholm to record in Polar Studios and staying there for two-three weeks to get the albums done. But lately, with smaller budgets than before, we’ve had him involved to do the mixing. But even so, we notice how much he still contributes to our sound, even if it’s now done in cooperation with Danny as the producer of the album.”

You can read the rest of the interview with the Crazy Lixx band members at Roppongi Rocks‘ website.